Bookstore Now Stocking Birthday Items for Order by Email.

The Elementary School Bookstore is now stocking toys and trinkets that children may pass out in class for their birthdays.  Items such as tattoos and pencil cases range in price from $.10 to $2.25. Complete list of items, prices and photos below.  You can purchase single items or a few items for a goody bag.

To order items

Email Bookstore chair Amy Lococo at with your child’s name, birthday, homeroom, and the item(s) that would you like. Items will be delivered directly to your child’s homeroom on his or her special day!

Open Hours

And remember to visit the ES Bookstore every Wednesday from 8:25-9:00 am.

ES Bookstore Price List

NEW ITEM  IH Logo Twist Crayons $2.25
NEW ITEM  IH Logo Pencil Case $1.25
NEW ITEM  IH Logo Hackey Sack Ball $1.50
NEW ITEM  IH Logo Clappers $1.50

NEW PRICE  IH Tattoos $ .20 each or 6 for $1.00
Magnetic Printed Pens $1.00
Mini Noise Putty $ .30 each
Red Plastic Bags $ .10 each
Water Ball Yo-yo $ .75 each
Apple Pom Pom Critters $ .20 each
Animal pencil toppers $ .10 each
Neon Flexible Pencils $ .50 each
High five pencil topper erasers $ .25 each
Tye-die pencil grips $ .35 each