With regard to signage for school events, use the following guidelines:


  1. Please contact the City Manager prior to the event so the Rangers and administration are aware of when signs will be forthcoming.

  2. Signs are allowed up 2 weeks prior to the event but must be taken down immediately following the event.**

  3. There are specific locations the signs are allowed:

a.  Northeast corner of Drake/Shawnee (on the Stephan Field side not on the side with the new memorial).

b.  Northeast corner of Indian Hill Road/Miami.

c.  Railroad tracks at Camargo/Loveland-Madeira

d.  One sign each in front of each school as long as it is not in the right of way (you may use telephone poles as your baseline for right-of-way)


** Standard timing for signage prior to an event is two weeks; however, the City Manager can sometimes approve 3 weeks in advance of an event.  Contact the IH City Manager for verbal approval and with any other questions or if you need clarification.



Dina C. Minneci, City Manager
Village of Indian Hill
6525 Drake Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45243