Saturday March 14, 2020Spring-Fling2

11 am – 2 pm @IHES 

The Annual Indian Hill School Carnival for K-5th grade will be held on March 9th at the Elementary School. This is a super fun day for our kids filled with games, crafts, inflatables, food and more!  We hope your families will be able to join us this year. If you are interested in helping out with this amazing event please consider the Sign Up Genius’ or  email one of the Spring Fling Chairs listed below.


Spring Fling Chairs:    TBD



WHAT IS SPRING FLING?Spring Fling is our annual school fair for PS and ES students and their families. It is a fun day full of carnival games, prizes to win, games of skill and chance, crafts to make and take home, and the classic Cake Walk game!    The popular Hat Lottery will return, along with introduction of the “Pop Toss,” toss a ring around a 2 liter to take it home with you!

 What Parents and Students say about Spring Fling!!

“Spring Fling is the most fun time of the year! One time in the cake walk I won 2 cakes!!! Tori

“This is my favorite place to win cool things!” Andy

“I love spring Fling because I get to run around in the school with friends and spend tickets on whatever I want! Owen

“I love the face painter. She makes me look so pretty with her fancy designs!” Jordan

“I can’t wait to win another blow up hammer to pound my brother with!” Jake

“I love the hat game and this year I am going to win a light up one!” Sarah

” I like all the activities. I spend all my tickets doing them.” Christina

” I play games! I love the games! I love the games! Jonathan

” I am going to get a cast and fool my teacher this year.” Daniel

“I loved winning the blow up hammer at the tic tac toe game!” Sean

“I loved spinning to win crazy hats at Spring Fling!” Sarah Bridge