If you previously registered your Kroger Plus Card with IH PTO as the Reward Recipient or to donate a percentage of your Amazon Purchases to IH PTO — Thank You!!

APRIL  is the annual re-enrollment month for Kroger Community Rewards!

Kroger requires all Community Rewards members to annually re-register their organization each enrollment period beginning in April.   Please re-enroll your Kroger Card today!  The Community Rewards® money earned from your Kroger Card enrollment goes to our schools for purchases only through the end of April 2015 – unless you remember to re-enroll your card.

By taking a few minutes to update your online Kroger or Amazon Accounts and specify you want your Kroger Community Rewards or a percentage of your Amazon Purchases to go to IH PTO, you will help earn $$$ for IH Schools which goes directly to funding extras for your children.  Funding is for things like field trips, educational presentations, technology, visiting authors and many more of the PTO sponsored events.

Registration instructions for Kroger Cards below:

If you require assistance with registering or re-enrolling your Kroger card to donate to IHPTO, please email IndianHillPTO@gmail.com



1. Sign in to Kroger Community Rewards at Kroger.com

2. Click SIGN-IN or CREATE ACCOUNT button under Sign In or Create an Account to Enroll Section

3. Click ENROLL NOW button

4.  Search for “Indian Hill PTO” or 80244  under Find your Organization

5. Click the button next to Indian Hill PTO – SG

6. Click Enroll

Then, EVERY time you swipe of your Kroger Plus Card — IH PTO earns!

(Check the bottom of your receipt when you shop for confirmation.)