2017-18 IH School District PTO Meetings

  • 09/13 6:30 pm @ HS
  • 11/08 9:15 am @ PS
  • 03/14 6:30 pm @ MS
  • 05/02 9:15 am @ ES


Other PTO Leadership Meetings

  • PTO Leadership Training 9-11 am; PS MP Room; August 12th
  • Executive Board Meetings 9:00 to 10:30 am BOE Conference Room*:
    Dates: 08/09, 09/06, 10/04, 11/08, 12/06, 1/10, 5/07, 3/07, 4/04, 5/02
  • PTO Board Nominating Meetings:  10:30-11:30 am on 1/10, 2/07/2/21  (locations TBA)
  • 2015-16 Budget Meeting:  3/08 Working w/ Dinner 4:30-5:45 pm, 3/22 8:30-10:00 am, 4/04 10:30-11:45 am  (locations TBA)


PTO Special Events

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Indian Hill District Calendar

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2016-2017 Dates


Event Date Event

* opportunity to educate on benefits of  PTO  and membership

Aug-02 & 03 Application Boot Camp (HS-Seniors)
Aug-02 & 03 Naviga8or Training (MS)
Aug-04 & 05 Bridges (HS – Freshmen)
Aug-04 MS Schedule Pickup *
Aug-05 6th Grade Orientation *
Aug-05 PS/ES New Student Orientation *
Aug-08 PS/ES Meet the teacher *
Aug-08 10-12 Grade Schedule pick up & pictures @ HS
Aug-08 Freshman Parent Meeting 7pm @ HS
Aug-09 PS/ES Welcome Back Faculty Luncheon
Aug-09 PS/ES New Family Social (K, 1-5)*
Aug-10 Welcome Back Faculty Lunch @ MS & HS
Aug-11 & 12 Kindergarten Interviews (by appointment)
Aug-12 PTO Leadership Training @ PS
Aug-16 MS Meet the Teacher Night *
Aug-17 ES Meet the Teacher Night *
Aug-18 HS Meet the Teacher Night *
Aug-23 PS 1st Grade Meet the Teacher Night *
Aug-25 PS 2nd Grade Meet the Teacher Night *
Aug-31  Kindergarten Meet the Teacher Night *
Sep-01 New Family Coffee for all schools @ ES *
Sep-16 Special Persons Day (Seniors)
MS/HS Evening Conferences
Sep-28 Grade 1 Vision Screening
Sep-30 Global Parent Network Dinner @ ES
Sep-30 Party In the Middle (MS)
Oct-03, 04, 05 ES Grades 3 & 5 Health Screening
Oct-07 Homecoming Game
Oct-8 ??? Home Coming Dance
Oct-11 PTO General Meeting @ HS 6:30-8:00 pm
Oct-24 thru 28 Book Fairs at PS/ES/MS
Oct-26 K-5 Evening Conferences
Oct-27 6-12 Evening Conferences
Oct-28 Senior Night –Fall Sports
Nov-1 Book Fairs at PS/ES
Nov-3 ??? Powder Puff Football (After Prom)
November Staff Conference Dinner
Nov-11 International Fair at PS
Dec-03 Holiday Market at PS
Jan-05 PS/ES Open House *
Jan-08 Spotlight

– Auditions  ??

-Rehearsals (Jan ??)

-Dress Rehearsal (Jan ??)

Jan-10 General PTO Meeting @ PS 9:00-10:30 am
Jan 31, Feb 01,02 ES 4th Grade Pioneer Days (confirm date)
Feb-02 Kindergarten Registration/Orientation *
Feb-11 thru 19 Auction On The Hill (Drop off at Livingston Lodge) See also entry Feb-27
Feb-21-24 Bus Driver Appreciation Week
Feb-23, 24, 25 Pow Wow (HS)
Feb-27 thru Mar 05 Auction on the Hill

-Drop off (Feb 11-19 @ Livingston Lodge)

-Auction (Feb 27-Mar 5)

Mar-04 Pancake Breakfast (5th-12th)
Mar-04 Odd Couples Dance (After Prom)
Mar-07 General PTO Meeting @ MS 6:30-8:00 pm
Mar-11 Spring Fling
Mar-18 MS Spring Musical
Conquer the Hill
Apr-?? New Family Spring Coffee *
Apr-04-07 PS Book Fair
Apr-06 PS/ES Conferences
Apr-06 MS Orientation for Rising 5th Graders *
Apr-10-14 Staff Appreciation Week
May-01-12 HS AP Exam (Proctors)
May-05 Party In the Middle
May 02 General PTO Meeting @ES 9:00-10:30 am
May-12 After Prom Setup
May-13 After Prom Preview
May-13 After Prom
May-17 & 18 Kindergarten Interviews
May-22 Last Week of School Events
May-18 Underclass awards @ HS
May-23 HS Senior Banquet
May-24 HS Senior Celebration of Excellence
May-25 HS Baccalaureate (pm)
May-25 8th Grade Graduation (am)
May-26 HS Commencement/Graduation Reception