International Fair2


Click Link to see video from 2014 Event  — 2014 INTERNATIONAL FAIR VIDEO

Do you want to represent a country that you are from or have lived in long enough to talk about like a native?  The Indian Hill International Fair is looking for volunteers to share their knowledge and stories with our PS students during the school day of November 4th 2016.

In the Fall – the whole primary school enjoys exploring the vast cultures around the world at the International Fair.

Have you ever lived in another country?

Were you born in another country?

Does your family come from a unique cultural background?

Would you like to represent a country at the upcoming International Fair?

Please consider volunteering for this wonderful multi-cultural event. We need adults to represent a variety of countries for the children.

If interested, please contact us with your name and country @:


Thank you to Everyone who has supported this event in the past.   Last Year the fair had a record 20 countries represented.  Thanks also goes to Jyoti Charu for supporting Fa’izah and all the volunteers who volunteered for a full day to share information about their countries!

Australia – Josephine McLachlan

Argentina – Maria Vallier

China – Hannah Feng, Yingying Xu

Egypt – Mohamed Motawi

Germany – Leda Phillips

Honduras – Kim Diehl

India – Mandeep Kaur, Nalini Rastogi, Anita Raturi, Preethi Krishnan

Iran – Dela Ghasemzade

Ireland – Shanny Collins

Israel – Marlene Ostrow, Barbie Goldstone

Lebanon – Mona Helmy

Mexico – Araceli Ortiz

Russia – Lori Clark

Singapore – Fa’izah Byer

Malaysia – Fa’izah Byer

Slovak Republic – Katarina Staples

Switzerland – Andrea Rinderknecht

Spain – Mar Rutllant

United Kingdom – Beverly Bansil, Caron O’Hanlon, Paul Goldstone

USA – Jyoti Charu & Niharika Singh