Monthly Coffee Calendar

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  • Fri, 2/05:  Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year

  • Fri, 3/11:  Celebrating Iranian New Year/Spring Nowruz

  • Fri, 4/15:  A British Coffee Morning

  • Fri, 5/06:  End of Year Lunch Out


Current Month Event Details:

For our February coffee we will be celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year.  2016 is the Year of the Monkey!  We will learn about the customs during this festival and our host will be demonstrating how to make Chinese dumplings.  If you plan on coming please wear RED!   For the Chinese, Red is an auspicious color, it symbolizes good fortune and joy.  Please also bring chopsticks!  We look forward to celebrating the Year of the Monkey with You!

Host:  Cecilia Keefer
When:  Friday, February 5th
Where:  8725 Indian Hill Road, Cincinnati, OH
Tel:  (203) 249-0709
Time:  10:30 am
RSVP by:  Wednesday, February 3rd to


August 2015

Have you ever lived in another country?
Does your family come from a unique cultural background?
Or. . .would you like to learn more about other countries and cultures
 Please come join the IH Global Parent Network on Wednesday, September 2nd  for the first monthly meeting: 

  Where:  8475 Camargo Rd

  Time:  10:30 am
  Please RSVP by:  August 30th

   Chair:  Fa’izah Byer
   Co-Chair:  Dela Ghasemzade


 January 15, 2016  (Friday)

To: Jyoti Singh . . .

From: The Global Parent Network…thank-you for hosting our first coffee of 2016, “Eat Clean and Green” and for showing us how to make a fantastic Green juice!

Topic:  “Eat Green & Clean

Hostess:  Jyoti Charu
Address:  8704 Shagbark Dr., Cincy
Phone:  (513)729-7792
Please RSVP by  Wednesday, 1/13 to. . .