Hello PS Families….

We have DOUBLE the exciting NEWS for you. As you may have heard, we are shaking things up a bit and launching a new, PTO district-wide fundraising campaign.

The Indian Hill Exempted Village School District PTO is proud to announce the launch of


-An annual PTO fundraising initiative to benefit the entire district-

What to Expect:

The Brave-A-Thon fundraiser will consist of two fundraising arms: 1) Corporate Sponsorships and 2) Student Pages.

We are using an online vendor 99 pledges for our campaign. Each school will be their own “team” and each student will have their own page. For this year, we are asking people to “opt in” if you want 99 pledges to set up your student’s page. Otherwise you will be asked to do it. 

Here is the link to create your student page:  99 pledges 


We will be launching our fundraising campaign that day and having links go live so personal fundraising can begin. 

February 23rd and March 1st:

Each week will bring new surprises. We plan to keep the kids on their toes and generate as much school spirit as possible in the process. 

Week of March 8th:  The Final Week

The intensity of fun and excitement is going to build as we approach our event day.

March 12th: Brave-A-Thon 

On this day the students at the PS will be “Taking a Walk on the Wild Side” walking around the PS baseball field track, along with a couple of surprise class breakout events.  There will be stations in the grass area that the students visit and they will spend approximately 45 minutes moving around, generating school spirit and having good old fashion fun!


The plans are still in the works, but after all this hard work we certainly want to celebrate the students, faculty and staff for their efforts and also have a big reveal as to how much money was raised that will go directly to our students through the PTO. 

How much are we trying to raise and where will the money go?


The IH PTO works in partnership with the district to provide intra- and extra-curricular programs, events, equipment, etc. for all of our schools. The money raised will go directly to the students.

The IH PTO spends approximately $37.66 per student at the PS, which is more than the current family membership fee.

Previous fundraisers have not been able to generate the funds necessary for all of the requests we receive, requiring us to ask parents for more money, charge membership fees, and receive in kind donations. Many people do not know all that the PTO funds in addition to coordinating volunteer efforts and programming. Please see below some of what the PTO provides at the PS.

Field Trips to Green Acres [Transportation costs approx. $800 per grade]

1st Grade Trip to the Zoo [Tickets and Transportation]

2nd grade Trip to the Museum [Tickets and Transportation]

Kindergarten Social

Author Visits

After School Clubs

ISpace K-2nd

MadCap Puppet Shows

Bus Driver Appreciation

Fall Conference Gratitude Dinner

Staff Appreciation

Welcome Back Luncheon for Teachers, Faculty and Staff


Spring Fling

Campus Beautification

Global Week Activities

Classroom Celebrations

Field Day Support

Equipment requests and other school needs


Just think of the wonderful things we can partner with the school on with your support! 

Brave-A-Thon FAQs